Game — Ebook

Author : Bosar Bastumo
Publication : 2024-06-18
Language : English
Publisher : Harmony House
ISBN : 9782491151560
Categories : Fiction / Thrillers / Crime

Nimia is a Forex trained by the kingdom of Dorania to defend itself and eradicate the Insensibles, a secret organization challenging the established order. Her sole objective is to find and kill Ardan, her former partner who betrayed her and left her for dead. However, she has no idea where he is hiding.

Ardan has become one of the pillars of the Insensibles and is also the last of the Genetix, a legendary tribe whose members have modified DNA granting them superhuman abilities.

When the kingdom of Dorania allies with the Insensibles to seize a legendary necklace that could alter the course of history if it falls into the hands of Ragnor, the enemy kingdom, Nimia and Ardan are forced to collaborate to survive the looming dangers.

Amidst hatred and attraction, they will realize that their futures are more intertwined than they ever imagined.

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