Fake fiancé — Ebook

Author : Raven Ster. Ling
Publication : 2024-06-18
Language : English
Publisher : Harmony House
ISBN : 9782491151522
Categories : Fiction / Romance / General

Ciara has made a vow: she will remain single for life. She is even a member of an association that defends this lifestyle choice. But when she receives an unexpected invitation to her parents’ wedding, she finds herself in a quandary. She can’t tell them she doesn’t have a boyfriend. She doesn’t want to disappoint them. So, she comes up with a crazy idea: she hires the services of Max, a charming bodybuilder who agrees to play the role of her fiancé for a week. There’s just one rule: no feelings. But Ciara will soon realize that Max is not just a man of muscles. He is truly special. Will she be able to keep her promise to stay single? Or will she break her vow to live a real love story with her fake fiancé?

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