Ride the boss — Ebook

Author : Raven Ster. Ling
Publication : 2024-05-19
Language : English
Publisher : Harmony House
ISBN : 9782491151294
Categories : Fiction / Romance / General

Luuk Styles has finally landed his dream job: CEO of Crystal, the largest all-in-one company in the United States. This position will allow him to pay off his debts, travel at will, produce his brother's rock band, and acquire a basketball franchise. However, there's a catch: he must be married or engaged to receive the offer. Having given up on love since his ex betrayed him and left him numb, this poses a problem for Luuk.

On the other hand, Megan Highlands is the queen of misfortune. She loves money but can't seem to hold down a job, a relationship, or a friendship. She's the epitome of imperfection. When she learns her family is about to lose their apartment due to debts, she decides to take control of her life.

She stumbles upon an ad on a secret forum: a wealthy man is looking for a fake fiancée for a limited time. Without hesitation, she applies and gets the job. She feels nothing for Luuk, but plans to take full advantage of him.

When Miss Imperfect meets Mr. Grumpy, it's the start of a crazy, intense, funny, and surprising romance.

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