Gods of campus — Ebook

Authors : Inata Scotts ,
Publication : 2024-06-23
Language : English
Publisher : Harmony House
ISBN : 9782491151096
Categories : Fiction / Romance / Contemporary

Percy Hatton, the captain of the Greens, the campus football team; he has everything going for him, but he harbors a secret that torments him.

James Hatton, his younger brother, who prefers rock music to sports; he is part of the band Forever, with his friends Seth and Reus. He is secretly in love with Seth, who is transitioning to become a man.

Kate is a quiet and kind student, who works at the campus newspaper; she dreams of becoming a journalist, and she has been madly in love with Percy for as long as she can remember. But she doesn't dare confess her feelings to him, and when she finally musters the courage, she hits a snag.

Pearl is the new girl on campus. The daughter of a tycoon, she is capricious and manipulative; she wants Percy at all costs, and she uses Kate to get close to him. She does not hesitate to eliminate those who stand in her way.

Lives will intertwine, love, hate; in a story where passion meets drama, and nothing is ever certain.

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