Incredible Bastard — Ebook

Author : Anna Best
Publication : 2023-11-19
Language : English
Publisher : Harmony House
ISBN : 9782491150457
Categories : Fiction / Romance / Contemporary

Matt is an ambitious, shy young man. His mother sees Élisa, the childhood friend they grew up with, as the ideal partner for her son, whom she has brought up alone following their divorce. Matt's destiny seemed to be all mapped out: an excellent education, constant support, a stable job and an imminent marriage to Elisa. However, everything changes when Matt meets his new boss, Carren Williams, nicknamed the 'Iron Lady' by her colleagues. Carren is seductive, bold, insensitive and arrogant - everything Matt never thought he'd like in a woman. Yet when he finds himself alone with her after a business meeting, he can't resist the passion that ignites between them. With his wedding fast approaching, Matt must learn to control his feelings so as not to disappoint his mother and the other important people in his life.

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