Kick the boss — Ebook

Author : Sb.Scoot
Publication : 2024-02-26
Language : English
Publisher : Happy End
ISBN : 9782491150402
Categories : Fiction / Romance / Romantic Comedy

Here is the translation of the content into English:

Two weeks have passed since I started working at Cleaner. I love my job, even if it seems insignificant to some. Yes, especially to that elegant, handsome, and presumptuous man – my boss, Ryan Hillsong. I rarely had a negative opinion about others, but with Ryan, I have every reason to. I hate him to death.

Last night, while trying to go home, I fell down the stairs and, as if by magic, found myself in Ryan's strong and comforting arms. His gaze completely mesmerized me. I think he's driving me crazy. But I have to stop fantasizing because nothing will happen between us.

Six months later, as I still try to avoid Ryan, the list of winners has finally been released. I am named employee of the month, and Ryan is the director of the month.

An evening awaits us. And I will do my best to stay as far away from him as possible.

Now, let me know if you'd like the translation in German, Spanish, or Italian as well.

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