Hector the Hero — Ebook


Authors : Moira Mcpartlin ,
Publication : 2023-04-01
Language : English
Publisher : Des Nouvelles d'Ailleurs
Collections : Books in english
ISBN : 9782490586356
Categories : Juvenile fiction / Ghost Stories, Juvenile fiction / Legends, Myths, Fables / General, Juvenile fiction / Action & Adventure / General

During the october holidays Rose and her brother Rory are, with other teenagers, invited for a week in a traditional music school in northern Scotland.

As soon as they arrive, Nell the teacher turns out to be both strange and frightening. Cat, the green-haired girl who looks after the guests, is also mysterious.

One night, the group is awakened by music. Where is it coming from? Who is playing at such a late hour? Intrigued, the teenagers try to discover the secrets and the legend of the manor.

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