In Search of Dolphin Messages — Ebook

or The Cetacean Hypothesis

Author : Claude Traks
Publication : 2018-07-12
Language : English
Pages : 736
Publisher : Éditions Communicare
ISBN : 9782490035014
Categories : Self-help / Spiritual, Body, mind & spirit / Spirituality / Shamanism

« Perhaps the dolphins’ message will help you meet all of the challenges in your life. You can only find out by applying them every moment of your existence.

This book is the work of a team, of which you may be a member.

It might be modified for its next edition.

I’d really appreciate your writing to tell me what you think of it. Your “positive” thoughts interest me as much as, if not more than, your “negative” ones.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation and straightforwardness. Have a nice journey. Claude. »

« Claude: How do you think we could save the planet?

By looking out for the appearance of unusual animals.

John Lilly: What?

Claude: Humans.

John Lilly: I don’t think we have to save the planet from humans. I think that human beings have to be saved from themselves. Gaia, our mother Earth, is much more solid than we are. Mother Earth will save herself.”

Personal interview,

May, 1996. »

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