Art and the Beauty of the Earth — Ebook

Author : William Morris
Publication : 2022-08-24
Language : English
Publisher : Human and Literature Publishing
ISBN : 9782384691005
Categories : Philosophy / General, Nature / General, Art / General

"For surely there is no square mile of earth's inhabitable surface that is not beautiful in its own way, if we men will only abstain from willfully destroying that beauty; and it is this reasonable share in the beauty of the earth that I claim as the right of every man who will earn it by due labour; a decent house with decent surroundings for every honest and industrious family; that is the claim which I make of you in the name of art. Is it such an exorbitant claim to make of civilization? of a civilization that is too apt to boast in after-dinner speeches; too apt to thrust her blessings on far-off peoples at the cannon's mouth before she has improved the quality of those blessings so far that they are worth having at any price, even the smallest"...

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