A Cold Case — Ebook

French Best-Seller

Authors : Nicolas- Raphaël Fouque ,
Publication : 2023-06-16
Language : English
Publisher : Avallon & co
Collections : The French Thriller
ISBN : 9782384391103
Categories : Fiction / Thrillers / Political, Fiction / Thrillers / Crime, Fiction / Psychological

Journalist Camille Trencavel is sent to Lille by her editor to cover a gruesome case: the murder of Élisa, a student shot in the back of the neck in the park of Kernanec High School in Marcq-en-Baroeul. The story connects to a hectic news cycle of murders linked to the state’s highest dignitaries, and to attacks that provoke a violent competition between candidates for the upcoming presidential election. Through the testimonies of Élisa’s relatives, Camille discovers that the student suffered violence as a young child at the hands of a teacher, a man who now rubs shoulders with some of France’s most powerful politicians.

In France, An Old Case is a bestseller.

“In the author’s great labyrinth of images you’ll be tossed, torn apart, compressed. You won’t come out unscathed. The finale will leave you moved, angry, dazed and battered.” Nicolas Marié, actor and César 2021 winner (best supporting actor for Adieu les cons by Albert Dupontel) in the book’s preface.

“A frantic pace.” Daniel Guichard, La Voix du Nord.

“It’s a real feature film offered to us in short chapters, perfectly balanced in terms of twists and turns. A Cold Case is the kind of novel that you don’t leave and that doesn’t leave you. We stay with the journalist’s investigation until the truth finally comes out, and we follow different political strategies aimed at grabbing more and more power. Nicolas-Raphaël Fouque offers a flawless performance.” Pat Thomas, literary columnist.

Nicolas-Raphaël Fouque is an author of thrillers (Even Bastards Can Love, The Dead Never Return, The Skull of Malpasset) and historical novels (The Kaphtor Saga). He is a senior civil servant and also teaches public law at the University of Montpellier.

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