Even Bastards Can Love — Ebook

Authors : Nicolas-raphaël Fouque ,
Publication : 2023-06-09
Language : English
Publisher : Avallon & co
Collections : The French Thriller
ISBN : 9782384391080
Categories : Fiction / Thrillers / Psychological, Fiction / Literary, Fiction / Psychological

Who is really Julien Terreau this new philosophy professor whose sight terribly unsettles Louise, a student at Sciences Po? What secret is he hiding? Is it mere coincidence that he looks so much like Arnaud, who left the young girl without a word of explanation? Who are these shadows that watch and comment on his every move? What role does Louise's own grandfather play in this affair, whose immense fortune comes from the arms industry?

Weaving together a love story, espionage, and family secrets, this fifth novel by Nicolas-Raphaël Fouque immerses us in a world as dark as it is poetic. A gripping thriller, one you simply cannot put down.

“Is it a psychological novel, a thriller, or a detective novel that tends towards general literature? Difficult to decide, but one thing is certain: Even Bastards Can Love successfully propels us into the heart of intimate and geopolitical conflicts. A high-flying novel over troubled waters.” La Fringale Culturelle.

"A thrilling plot." Olivia Gartner, L'Esprit des Lettres

Nicolas-Raphaël Fouque is an author of thrillers (The Dead Never Return, An Old Affair, The Skull of Malpasset) and historical novels (The Kaphtor Saga). He is a senior civil servant and also teaches public law at the University of Montpellier.

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