What Religion Is — Ebook

Author : Bernard Bosanquet
Publication : 2023-09-09
Language : English
Publisher : Literature and Knowledge Publishing
ISBN : 9782381116662
Categories : Religion / Essays

What I hope and desire to do in writing this little book is to be helpful to persons who, while feeling the necessity of religion, are perplexed by the shape in which it comes before them. I am not thinking about historical criticism. I have in mind more fundamental things. We may be disappointed — I will at once make this suggestion, which is indeed the main substance of what I have to say — we may be disappointed in an experience which we have been taught to regard as all-important, not because it offers us too little, but because it offers not just what we were prepared for. Everything depends on the expectation and the hope with which we approach it. Religion is the knot, the centre, of all human difficulties; it is a many-sided thing, and if we ask it the wrong questions it will give us misleading responses.

To take the simplest of all examples: Will religion guarantee me my private and personal happiness?...

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