Thoughts on God and Religion — Ebook

Author : Leo Tolstoy
Publication : 2021-02-15
Language : English
Publisher : LM Publishers
ISBN : 9782381111094
Categories : Philosophy / General, Religion / Philosophy, Religion / General

Why are you downcast? You are waiting for something too great—waiting, it seems to me, for God in thunder and storm, and not in stillness. The best of it is that, as you say, you cannot "get away anywhere." In this the hand of God is most visible and palpable. What is God? Wherefore God? God is that unlimited all which I know within myself in a limited form. I am limited, God is infinite; I am a being which has lived sixty-three years, God lives eternally; I am a being which reasons within the limits of its understanding, God reasons without limit; I am a being which loves sometimes a little, God loves always infinitely. I am a part. He is all. I cannot understand myself otherwise than as a part of Him.

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