Research in Sustainability — Ebook

Authors : Françoise Chevalier, Michel Kalika
Publication : 2023-09-18
Language : English
Pages : 512
Publisher : Éditions EMS
Collections : Business Science Institute
ISBN : 9782376878889
Categories : Business & economics / Development / Sustainable Development

This book has been written to provide the reader with research insights into understanding Sustainability, which is seen as a crucial issue for our time and for the future.

It brings together the views, conceptual analyses, case studies and practical recommendations of professors, doctors and doctoral candidates from the Business Science Institute Executive DBA programme. The authors invite us to contextualize Sustainability, whilst taking a critical and constructive perspective on this wideranging topic.

The book is divided into four parts. Part one introduces the key concepts of Sustainability. Part two looks at Sustainability in different sectors of activity. Part three looks at Sustainability in major corporate functions. And Part four explores how Sustainability is applied internationally.

Researchers and managers interested in research with an academic, managerial and societal impact will find new clarification and avenues for reflection and action.

Edited by Françoise CHEVALIER and Michel KALIKA.

List of collaborators: Carol AEBI, Khadija AL ARKOUBI, Hassoumi ASSOUMANA, Anne BARTEL-RADIC, Diaga BASSE, Paul BEAULIEU, Abderrahmane BELLALI, Mohamed BEN HELAL, Sébastien BOURBON, Emmanuel CAILLAUD, Cynthia CHAMPAGNE CARON, Céline CHEVAL-CALVEL, Françoise CHEVALIER, Estelle DELFOSSE, Al-Hamndou DORSOUMA, Aurélie DUDÉZERT, Christophe FOURNIER, Chantal FUHRER, Fanny GIBERT, Francesca GOI, Michel KALIKA, Leïla KAMARA, Emmanuel KAMDEM, Mona LAROUSSI, Philip LATTAUER, Florence LAVAL, Olivier LAVASTRE, Ziad MALAS, Hareesh MAVOORI, Jean MOSCAROLA, Caroline MOTHE, Barbara OFSTAD, Elisabeth PAULET, Yvon PESQUEUX, Marie-Douce PRIMEAU, Alejandro ROMERO-TORRES, Sophie SERIZIER, Simon M. SMITH, Peter STOKES, Ndèye Aïssatou SY, Fadoua TAHARI and Najoua TAHRI.

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