Genesis, eipi + 1 = 0 — Ebook

Author : Christine Bonduelle
Publication : 2024-06-11
Language : English
Pages : 236
Publisher : Librairie éditions tituli
ISBN : 9782373651669
Categories : Drama / General

The reader is led from the big-bang theory to general relativity, from quantum physics and Heisenberg's uncertainty principle to non-separability and chaos theory, from Gödel's theorem to DNA and even David Bohm's theory of hidden non-local hidden variables. Our author engages in a firework display of concepts that often clash in a poetic and sometimes absurd way, although a hidden meaning is always present. But the reader is often left to his own devices. He just has to go down the rabbit hole, like Alice in Wonderland (one of the central characters in the play is called Alice), or like Neo in Matrix, if he wants to access this other world.

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