Postcolonial Ghosts — Ebook

Authors : ,
Publication : 2023-01-26
Language : English
Pages : 480
Publisher : Presses Universitaires De La Méditerranée
Collections : Horizons anglophones
ISBN : 9782367813943
Categories : Literary criticism / General

As liminal beings, ghosts seem particularly appropriate to define, question or challenge hybrid cultures where several, seemingly irreconcilable, identities coexist. The present volume wonders how they manifest themselves in the English-speaking world, and whether there is a specifically postcolonial kind of haunting. The twenty-two articles deal with textual, translational or historical ghosts, and take us to Canada, Australia, Africa, India or the Caribbean. Poems by Gerry Turcotte literally haunt the volume, which thus juxtaposes theory and practice in a dynamic and fruitful way.

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