Nervous ills : their cause and cure — Ebook

Author : Boris Sidis
Publication : 2019-10-10
Language : English
Publisher : Literature and Knowledge Publishing
ISBN : 9782366597912
Categories : Psychology / General, Psychology / Psychopathology / General, Psychology / Clinical Psychology

This book deals with the cause and cure of the nervous ills.

As I carry on my work on nervous ills I become more and more convinced that a knowledge of Social Psychology is essential to a clear comprehension of nervous ills.

The number of cases given in the volume will, I am sure, be of great help to the reader. For the concrete cases, carefully studied by me, bring out distinctly the mechanism, the factors, and the main principles of nervous ills...

In nervous ills we find the same fundamental factors: the fear instinct and the Self-preservation which is the central aim of all life-activities.

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