History of the Mexican Empire and Mexico after the Empire — Ebook

Author : History And Civilization Collection
Publication : 2019-10-09
Language : English
Publisher : Literature and Knowledge Publishing
ISBN : 9782366597837
Categories : History / Latin America / Mexico, History / Latin America / Central America, History / Latin America / General

History of the Mexican Empire and Mexico after the Empire (with illustrations).

“South of the United States, stretching away towards Central America, lies the country of Mexico...

It is difficult to choose whether to follow first the history of these most ancient of people, or to commence with those that have filled a more prominent place in more recent times. Let us go up into that vast table-land and seek out the abiding-place of the nation that ruled Mexico when first this country was discovered by Europeans, by white men. We shall find ourselves in the valley of Mexico, enclosed on all sides by spurs of mountains from that mighty chain that strides the whole length of the continent...”

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