What Does Our Happiness Depend On? — Ebook

How to Develop the Art of Being Happy

Authors : H. G. Adams, J.-F. Droz
Publication : 2018-11-19
Language : English
Publisher : LM Publishers
ISBN : 9782366597011
Categories : Philosophy / Zen, Self-help / Personal Growth / Happiness

This book deals with What does the happiness depend on; and How to develop the art of being really happy. Be happy is a common desire to all humanity. Happiness is a mode of existence of which we naturally wish the duration, or in which we are willing to continue. It is “that inward state of perfect satisfaction which is joy and peace, and from which all desire is eliminated” wrote James Allen. “As the man thinks, so he is; as he continues to think, so he remains”. How to develop this kind of thought that leads to a happy life?

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