An Antidote against Atheism (vol.2) — Ebook

Wisdom and Providence

Author : Henry More
Publication : 2016-11-12
Language : English
Pages : 208
Publisher : Editions Le Mono
ISBN : 9782366593440
Categories : Religion / Christianity / General, Religion / Agnosticism, Body, mind & spirit / General

Philosopher and theologian, Henry More used the details of the mechanical philosophy to demonstrate the existence of God.

"The last thing I insisted upon was the Specific nature of the Soul of Man, how it is an Immaterial Substance indued with these two eminent Properties, of Understanding, and Power of moving Corporeal Matter. Which truth I cleared, to the intent that when we shall discover such motions and contrivances in the largely-extended Matter of the World as imply Wisdom and Providence, we may the easilier come off to the acknowledgment of that Eternal Spiritual Essence that has fram'd Heaven and Earth, and is the Author and maker of all visible and invisible Beings. Wherefore we being now so well furnished for the voyage, I would have my Atheist to take Shipping with me, and loosing from this particular Speculation of our own inward Nature, to lanch out into that vast Ocean, as I said, of the External Phænomena of Universal Nature, or walk with me a while on the wide Theatre of this Outward World, and diligently to attend to those many and most manifest marks and signs that I shall point him to in this outward frame of things, that naturally signify unto us That there is a God."

This is the second volume of the book : An Antidote against Atheism, vol.1 - Existence of God.

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