Muslim Organisations in South Africa — Ebook

Political Role Post-1948

Author : Isaac Mutelo
Publication : 2023-01-19
Language : English
Pages : 244
Publisher : Domuni-Press
ISBN : 9782366481860
Categories : Religion / Islam / General, History / Africa / South / General

The historical development of the relationship between Muslims and Politics in South Africa indicates that Islam has played an important role in the political sphere since the dawn of the apartheid political dispensation in 1948. Thus, there has been a need to comprehensively and systematically explore the political involvement of Muslim organisations, the various ways in which they have featured in the political landscape and why such involvement is important. By closely examining the political involvement of several Muslim organisations in the post-1948 South Africa, this work offers a critical and exhaustive description of the role Islam has played in South African politics.

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