Moral Consistency with Lonergan’s Thoughts — Ebook

Author : Paul K. Nyaga
Publication : 2022-09-09
Language : English
Pages : 258
Publisher : Domuni-Press
ISBN : 9782366481761
Categories : Philosophy / Ethics & Moral Philosophy

This book offers a unique approach to contemporary moral issues. Philosophers from antiquity until contemporary times have wrestled with the question of morality. The present work contains ten related chapters, all on moral issues, except chapter two, which is about "knowing". The reason for inserting the chapter on "knowing" is to help the reader to familiarize him/herself with the notion of knowing. It is the chapter which will guide the reader through the chapters that follow, so that he/she can ask, "How do I know that what I am knowing is correct or incorrect?" And, "How do I reach objectivity in the issue at hand?" Other topics dealt with include The Golden Rule, Conscience and its f ormation, The Natural Law, Freedom and Responsibility and The Question of God.

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