Smart(er) Internet Regulation Through Cost-Benefit Analysis — Ebook

Measuring harms to privacy, freedom of expression, and the internet ecosystem

Author : Winston J. Maxwell
Publication : 2017-09-05
Language : English
Pages : 324
Publisher : Presses des Mines via OpenEdition
Collections : i3
ISBN : 9782356714947
Categories : Law / Computer & Internet

Smart(er) Internet Regulation is about applying better regulation principles to the internet. The book addresses difficult-to-quantify policy objectives, such as protection of fundamental rights and the preservation of the internet ecosystem, and proposes a method to make trade-offs more explicit, and regulatory solutions better fit for purpose. “...a level-headed look at the costs and benefits that flow from internet regulation... Maxwell’s analysis of fundamental rights is enlightening.” (Martin Cave, Imperial College Business School, London) “...a checklist that should be used by anyone considering a new regulation affecting internet intermediaries.” (Nicolas Curien, French Audiovisual Regulatory Authority - CSA ) “...a must-read for students of digital regulation.” (Maya Bacache, French Council of Economic Analysis -CAE) “Maxwell has shown that cost-benefit analyses can bring clearer thinking to internet regulation.” (Marc Bourreau, Telecom ParisTech)

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