NORTH KOREA 2019/2020 Petit Futé — Ebook

Authors : Dominique Auzias, Jean-Paul Labourdette
Publication : 2019-06-01
Language : English
Publisher : Le Petit Futé
Collections : Country Guides
ISBN : 9782305025025
Categories : Travel / Asia / General
North Korea is constantly spoken of through its nuclear gesticulations and difficult relations with its neighbouring countries and the United States. But what do we really know of this country, if not its regime? North of the demilitarised zone, an impassable border that has separated it from South Korea for seven decades, North Korea is gradually opening up to tourism by offering, beyond clichés, a rich and specific culture that draws from its common roots with South Korea, while taking a different path to the point of asserting its own identity. In addition, one can admire the most beautiful landscapes of the peninsula, from the mountains to the coastal areas; the capital, Pyongyang, a true window on a country that has proclaimed itself autonomous and a place dedicated to the glory of the Kim dynasty; the historical heritage of the peninsula and its kingdoms; Chinese and Russian influence, the two northern neighbours... And then there are the people. Contrary to popular belief, North Koreans are welcoming, kind and open. On the one hand, there is the regime, and on the other, there is the territory and those who live there: this is what the traveller mainly remembers from his stay in North Korea.

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