Electronic book My Art of Entertaining

My Art of Entertaining — Ebook

Author : Héloïse Brion
Publication : 2022-05-25
Language : English
Pages : 184
Publisher : Flammarion
Collections : Pratique
ISBN : 9782080288646
Globetrotting tastemaker Héloïse Brion invites us inside her universe of relaxed chic entertaining. In this charming and inspiring book, Héloïse shares her tips for creating memorable meals for family and friends with fi fty new seasonal recipes. Her tasty dishes and gourmet desserts will delight everyone around the table and are simple to make. From Honeydew Melon and Tarragon Juice to Lemon Orzo Soup, from Grape and Fig Pizza to Feta and Zucchini Pasta, and from Coconut Chicken to Pears in Puff Pastry, these fl avorful recipes will bring joy all year round. Using her signature fl air for entertaining, Héloïse reveals her planning and decorating secrets for creating unique and beautiful table settings full of whimsy for every occasion.

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