Electronic book Timeless Paris

Timeless Paris — Ebook

Author : Marin Montagut
Publication : 2021-10-13
Language : English
Pages : 248
Publisher : Flammarion
Collections : Langue anglaise
ISBN : 9782080273529
Categories : Art / General, House & home / Decorating
In Paris, enchantment awaits around every corner, and artist Marin Montagut marvels in discovering the ateliers and emporiums that pepper the capital. For centuries, the artisanal trades associated with the city have continued to hum uninterrupted in unique workshops seemingly untouched by time. Today, skilled craftspeople continue to restore architectural details, print lithographs, weave decorative trimmings, hand roll pastels, or blend traditional herbal remedies, right in the heart of the city. From an artist’s studio hidden away in Montmartre to an antique shop in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, and from a period hardware store to a cabinet of curiosities, Marin Montagut invites readers to follow him inside nineteen quintessentially Parisian locations that inspire and attest to the savoir faire that is the very essence of Parisian style.

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