Electronic book FERRANDI Paris - Fruits and Nuts

FERRANDI Paris - Fruits and Nuts — Ebook

Author : Collectif
Publication : 2021-10-13
Language : English
Pages : 307
Publisher : Flammarion
Collections : Langue anglaise
ISBN : 9782080273086
Categories : Cooking / General, Cooking / Specific Ingredients / Fruit, Cooking / Regional & Ethnic / French
100 years of technical and gourmet savoir faire from an exceptional culinary school in paris. Discover the essential kitchen skills for cooking with fruits and nuts—how to peel pineapples, blanch almonds, segment citrus fruit, prepare a fruit crown, make quince jelly—through 40 culinary techniques that are explained in more than 150 step-by-step illustrated instructions. Prepare more than 75 recipes—Kumquat Cake, Black Forest Gâteau, King Crab with Pomelos, Watermelon Granita, Raisin Swirls, Poached Oysters with Pomegranate—including both sweet and savory dishes that range from simple to sophisticated to unforgettable. With more than 375 photographs, this book includes everything you need to know for preparing and cooking with fruits and nuts from a world-class culinary institution.

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