Electronic book French Pastries and Desserts by Lenôtre

French Pastries and Desserts by Lenôtre — Ebook

Author : Gaston Lenôtre
Publication : 2021-10-06
Language : English
Pages : 441
Publisher : Flammarion
Collections : Langue anglaise
ISBN : 9782080263827
Categories : Cooking / Courses & Dishes / Pastry, Cooking / General, Cooking / Regional & Ethnic / French
The original edition of Gaston Lenôtre’s groundbreaking cookbook inspired generations of aspiring pastry chefs. In this fully revised new edition, you will learn how to bake everything from a Paris-Brest to a Gâteau Saint-Honoré, and how to unlock the secrets of puff pastries, soufflés, charlottes, Bavarian cream, and festive Yule logs. More than 200 recipes ranging from basic to advanced are clearly and simply presented, making them accessible to bakers of every skill level. With thanks to Gaston Lenôtre’s daughter Sylvie Gille-Naves, who also collaborated with him on the original edition of this book, his son Alain Lenôtre, with whom he established the Lenôtre culinary schools, and the chefs at Maison Lenôtre, who carefully reviewed and updated every recipe, this classic work is once again available to home chefs everywhere.

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