UNAVAILABLE Electronic book Jerry the Squirrel

Jerry the Squirrel — Ebook

The Novel

Author : Shawn P. B. Robinson
Publication : 2019-09-03
Language : English
Pages : 184
Publisher : BrainSwell Publishing
Collections : Arestana
ISBN : 9781989296011
Categories : Juvenile fiction / Humorous Stories, Juvenile fiction / Action & Adventure / General, Juvenile fiction / Animals / Squirrels

Beware the Chicken?

No... Beware the Squirrels!

Jerry is a Squirrel. Jerry is an inventor. Jerry also has Hat Squirrel.

If you’ve ever wondered about the backstory for Arestana: The Defense Quest... if you’ve ever wondered what was going on with the Squirrels while Liam was busy defending the castle against the Mudmen, wonder no more!

This is that story!

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