Иммигранты том 3 — Ebook

Люди и Судьбы

Author : Shimon Garber
Publication : 2019-03-11
Language : Pyccĸий
Pages : 300
Publisher : Shimon Garber
Collections : Immigrants
ISBN : 9781950430024
Categories : Fiction / Family Life

Adam Gardov travels to St. Petersburg — negotiate with City Hall on new business plans in power — the solution to the question of quality rubbish. This is a multi-million-dollar business that is associated with the development of the entire infrastructure of the metropolis.

Adam and his new partner Steve Gaines decide to work together with Golden International Corporation "Garbage" is a leader in the field of cleaning services. The deal promises a good profit, useful links, and a completely different business.

For a while, until Adam is in Russia, problems begin. restaurant and upon his return, he must solve a task pile up. Fortunately, family life in order: wife Nata gets a job as an artist in book publishing and daughter Nadia already studying in the first grade.

Soon Adam again travels to St. Petersburg, making a stop in Paris, where the meeting with Olsen the representative of the European branch of the "Golden Garbage." Adam more involved in this project with businessmen and investors from the United States. Meeting in Saint Petersburg Mayor's Office. Treaty on cooperation and investment between Golden Garbage "and the city of St. Petersburg meeting of American and Russian dealers . Preparing "Golden Garbage" to send a team to Russia and as well technology for processing waste and garbage of a multi-million-dollar city. A protocol of intentions. And all of this — in mayor office of Saint Petersburg of wild 90-ies ...

It all ended in a single moment. Conspiracy in Parliament and tanks shooting to the Government House. As a consequence, for Adam — renouncement "Golden Garbage" of participation in Russian business project. Everything collapsed like a House of Cards.

Adam returns to New York and its path — culinary arts and restaurant business. He begins to provide products in the flagship of the gourmet shops of New York «Zabars», and also carries the idea of expanding the business. After a while he gets order from the owner of the famous restaurant "Russian Tee Room" and then shall decide on build its own factory. And it opens before Adam Gardov a new horizon ...

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