Иммигранты том 1 — Ebook

Столица Иммигрантов

Author : Shimon Garber
Publication : 2019-03-11
Language : Pyccĸий
Pages : 258
Publisher : Shimon Garber
Collections : Иммигранты
ISBN : 9781950430017
Categories : Fiction / Family Life, Fiction / Sagas, Law / Emigration & Immigration

The protagonist, Adam Gardov, Soviet emigrant of Jewish origin, who in 70-s years of the last century left from the Soviet Union.

After leaving Russia, he flies to Austria, where he was greeted by representatives of Israeli agency Sohnut, and he changes plans. Decides, instead of Israel to emigrate to the United States. Waiting for American visas takes six months, during which time Adam works in Vienna on the most odious figure of emigration of those years — Madame Betinu.

There he acquainted with his future wife, Natoj. send Her usual exile dear — in Italy, wait for permission to enter America. Six months in Vienna, Adam meets with all kinds of people, characters and destinies. Madame Betina offers him assistance in obtaining Austrian residence permit, but Adam refuses to. And when he betrayed us visa, he will not hesitate to depart to New York — the city of his dreams.

Life in New York prepares its surprises and they are rarely pleasant for foreigner: an unfamiliar language, apartment, finding a job. the typical for any immigrant series of changing occupations ends with the intent to start a business.

Adam tries to establish a business together with former compatriots, but this first pancake komom. turns out to be Yes and the second attempt is also not bleshchet. But Adam does not surrender and then as a waiter, cashier, bartender, cherishes his dream — like having your own business, associated with the restaurant business.

From bright events -unexpected encounter with Nata and the realization that she is his love, his fate is, go with theemja. They get married, they have a daughter.

The story of Adam partly repeats the tortuous journey of other immigrants have moved on permanent residence in Europe and the United States. Adaptation, the ups, the downs family and Disestablished. new hopes. However, unlike many, Adam not aspires to the mercy of fate and Providence: it Ave edpr inimaet another try Open a new business, destined to leave a trace in the history of America.

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