Wilted Flowers — Ebook

A Survivor's Guide To Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Author : Roger Russell
Publication : 2019-02-11
Language : English
Pages : 78
Publisher : Lettra Press LLC
ISBN : 9781949746884
Categories : Biography & autobiography / Personal Memoirs

You have, or know someone with no energy? Do the symptoms and the variety of complaints confuse you? You are not alone, when I faced that situation there were more questions than answers. This book attempts to provide some common-sense suggestions and approaches. Life with Chronic Fatigue is possible, just not easy or convenient. Don’t expect a medical treatise on the diagnosis, it wasn’t written by a doctor. But do expect down to earth pointers, and definitions for the lay person. If you don’t want to be overwhelmed and still want enough to think over, this might be your book. A condition like this really is best explained by someone that has it.

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