Epoca: Island of the Gods — Ebook

Authors : Kobe Bryant, Ivy Claire
Publication : 2019-10-22
Language : English
Pages : 288
Publisher : Granity Studios
Collections : Epoca
ISBN : 9781949520088
Categories : Juvenile fiction / Social Issues / General, Juvenile fiction / Sports & Recreation / General, Juvenile fiction / Fantasy & Magic
From the mind of basketball legend and Academy Award–winning storyteller Kobe Bryant comes a new tale of finding your strength against all odds.

Set in a alternate classical world dominated by sports and a magical power called grana, Epoca: Island of the Gods is the story of two children, the lowly born Rovi and the crown princess Pretia who uncover and battle terrible evil and discover their inner strength along the way.
Epoca: Island of the Gods takes place at the most elite sports academy in the land, where the best child-athletes are sent to hone their skills. When Rovi and Pretia arrive, each harboring a secret about themselves, they begin to suspect that something evil is at play at the school. In the course of their first year, they must learn to master their grana in order to save the world from dark forces that are rising.

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