Witches Run — Ebook

Author : Sherry Ficklin
Publication : 2019-10-01
Language : English
Pages : 278
Publisher : TrueType Press
Collections : A Girl's Guide To Witchcraft and Demon Hunting
ISBN : 9781948583145
Categories : Fiction / Fantasy / Paranormal

On their way to the Big Apple, an unfortunate encounter forces Aria and her new friends to make a detour to Atlanta seeking the help of her one-time mentor--and full-time werewolf--Erek, in the hopes that he can train Ben to fight while maintaining control of his inner demon. The decision lands them on the wrong side of the dangerous Atlanta Werewolf pack and puts Maddie on the radar of the local witch coven—who are offering not just answers about her past, but an alliance that may be too tempting to refuse. With Ben’s life on the line, Aria will need more than her usual bag of tricks to best the pack alpha and save Maddie from the coven who may not be as benevolent as they appear.

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