Dr. Fat Off: Simple Life-Long Weight-Loss Solutions — Ebook

Live & Learn Series Part 1

Author : Eddie Fatakhov
Publication : 2019-05-01
Language : English
Pages : 204
Publisher : Clovercroft Publishing
Collections : Live & Learn
ISBN : 9781948484800
Categories : Health & fitness / Women's Health, Health & fitness / Weight Loss

In the world of weight loss two words are beginning to shine brightly through the cracked facade of the $60 billion dollar weight loss industry. Those words are Lifestyle Changes. Dr. Eddie Fatakhov and Dr. Henry Van Pala promote healthy lifestyle change because it is the clear path to proven weight loss results, as opposed to the unhealthy revolving door of fad diets and weight loss supplements. Implementing simple lifestyle change is the most effective and enjoyable way to lose weight for life. The lifestyle change topics discussed in Dr. Fat Off Simple Life-long Weight Loss Solutions, Live & Learn Series Part 1 offer simple but potent weight loss solutions while the participation challenges can be utilized, adapted, and referenced again and again as you continue to lose weight. Dr. Fat Off Simple Life-long Weight Loss Solutions, Live & Learn Series Part 1 is an easy and relatable resource that will help you understand, practice, and implement the lifestyle changes that will give you the weight loss results you desperately crave.

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