Roads From the Ashes — Ebook

An Odyssey in Real Life on the Virtual Frontier

• 20th anniversary e-book edition of this evocative travel and Internet history memoir with a new introduction by the author, foreword by best-selling author Chris Epting, and 22 color photographs • Making lemonade: the author’s six-year odyssey began in the wake of a California wildfire that destroyed her home and possessions • Sudden stufflessness: how shocking loss can offer some of life’s greatest gifts • With humor and insight, the author chronicles the birth and growth of the World Wide Web while criss-crossing North America with her husband and dog in their one-of-a-kind motorhome. • “Home is where your dog is.” The path to embracing life on a roll and living in the moment • Acoustic couplers, anyone? A humorous look at primitive mobile devices and the challenges of staying connected while traveling in a dial-up world. • Traveling America: from California to Maine and Alberta to Key West, a journey across the continent in the mid-1990s, when OJ Simpson was on trial, most cameras still required film, and “home page” first entered the vernacular.

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