Electronic book Cesare

Cesare — Ebook

A Novel of War-Torn Berlin

Author : Jerome Charyn
Publication : 2020-01-07
Language : English
Publisher : Bellevue Literary Press
ISBN : 9781942658511
Categories : Fiction / Jewish, Fiction / Literary, Fiction / Biographical

MASTERWORK FROM A CELEBRATED AUTHOR: In the New York Review of Books, Joyce Carol Oates expressed her admiration for her equally prolific contemporary: “Among [Jerome] Charyn’s writerly gifts is a dazzling energy”; the Los Angeles Times lauds him as “absolutely unique among American writers”; the Washington Post describes him as “ever more daring”; and Michael Chabon calls him “one of the most important writers in American literature.” Renowned as an inventive chronicler of real and imagined lives, Charyn has recently published a number of popular novels fictionalizing the lives of Teddy Roosevelt, Jerzy Kosinski, Abraham Lincoln, and Emily Dickinson, but it is Cesare—a novel he has been working on for the past decade—that he feels is his strongest yet.

THRILLING PLOT, MEMORABLE CHARACTERS, EVOCATIVE SETTING: This is a novel that seizes the imagination. Fans of Netflix’s pre-WWII drama Babylon Berlin and literary WWII thrillers such as Beneath a Scarlet Sky and The Nightingale will be drawn to this novel’s espionage-fueled plot, its conflicted and memorable heroes, the underlying love story, and the unforgettable settings: Berlin, a cultural capital gone mad, and Theresienstadt, a concentration camp that was brutally surreal, with its children’s chorus, its soccer teams, its playhouse, all near a railroad that transported its angelic singers, athletes, artists, and actors to Auschwitz.

HISTORICAL FICTION RESONANT WITH THE PRESENT MOMENT: The Holocaust is a specter that continues to haunt our culture and collective consciousness. As the world finds itself trending back toward nationalism and autocracy, Charyn immerses the reader in a totalitarian state and web of political intrigue, reminding us how to maneuver in a world where horror has become commonplace and freedom has become an ever-tightening knot.

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