Fiebre Tropical — Ebook

A Novel

Author : Amethyst Editions
Publication : 2020-03-03
Language : Unknown
Publisher : Amethyst Editions
ISBN : 9781936932764
Categories : Fiction / Coming of Age, Fiction / Hispanic & Latino, Fiction / Lesbian, Fiction / Contemporary Women

Uprooted from Bogotá into an ant-infested Miami townhouse, fifteen-year-old Francisca is miserable in her strange new city. Her alienation grows when her mother is swept up in an evangelical church, replete with abstinent salsa dancers and baptisms for the dead. But there, Francisca meets the magnetic Carmen: head of the youth group and the pastor’s daughter. As her mother’s mental health deteriorates, Francisca falls for with Carmen and is saved to grow closer with her, even as their relationship hurtles toward a shattering conclusion.

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