Knitting the Fog — Ebook

Author : Claudia D. Hernández
Publication : 2019-07-09
Language : English
Publisher : The Feminist Press at CUNY
ISBN : 9781936932559
Categories : Biography & autobiography / Personal Memoirs, Biography & autobiography / Women

Weaving together narrative essay and bilingual poetry, Knitting the Fog is the complex self-portrait of a young Chapina girl who wakes up to find her mother gone. When her mother returns three years later, they begin a month-long journey to El Norte. Once settled in California, Claudia has trouble assimilating—she doesn't speak English, and her Spanish is "weird"—but when back in Guatemala, she is startled to find she no longer belongs there either.

A harrowing story told with the candid innocence of childhood, Hernández’s memoir depicts the struggle and resilience inherent to immigration today.

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