A Shadow Within — Ebook

Evil in Fantasy and Science Fiction

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Publication : 2019-08-14
Language : English
Pages : 430
Publisher : Luna Press Publishing
ISBN : 9781911143925
Categories : Literary criticism / Science Fiction & Fantasy

A Shadow Within: Evil in Fantasy and Science Fiction is the third Call for Papers of Academia Lunare, the non-fiction arm of Luna Press Publishing.

The papers focus on the theme of Evil, a constant in human history, one that shifts with every passing decade. Evil isn’t a static presence confined to any one given time, but rather something that evolves under the influence of the author’s own experience, society, the technology of the period, and even their understanding of humanity.

Featuring papers from Teika Bellamy, Step P. Bianchini, Octavia Cade, Alice Capstick, A J Dalton, Sharon Day, Tatiana Fajardo, Sean Z Fitzgerald, Jason Gould, Lucinda Holdsworth, Anna Köhler, Jyrki Korpua, Rostislav Kůrka, Kim Lakin-Smith, Robert S Malan, Anna Milon, Thomas Moules, Katarina O’Dette, Charul Palmer-Patel, Matthew J. Elder, Dominic Riemenschneider and Barbara Stevenson.

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