Electronic book Thorgal - Volume 20 - Kriss of Valnor

Thorgal - Volume 20 - Kriss of Valnor — Ebook

Authors : Jean Van Hamme ,
Publication : 2019-01-22
Language : English
Publisher : Cinebook
Collections : Thorgal
ISBN : 9781849187770
Categories : Comics & graphic novels / Fantasy, Comics & graphic novels / General
mé Aaricia and her children, sold as slaves to an Imperial prince, refuse to believe that Thorgal is dead, and keep trying to escape, eventually wearing off their new owner’s patience. Condemned to a year of hard labour in the silver mines, they meet someone unexpected there: Kriss of Valnor, wielding the whip of a forewoman, yet a prisoner like them. Despite their mutual hatred, the two women will have to work together to escape…

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