Electronic book Thorgal - Volume 17 - The Blue Plague

Thorgal - Volume 17 - The Blue Plague — Ebook

Author : Jean Van Hamme
Publication : 2016-06-24
Language : English
Pages : 48
Publisher : Cinebook
Collections : Thorgal
ISBN : 9781849187169
Categories : Comics & graphic novels / Fantasy
Thorgal and his family have left Arachnea’s island to continue seeking a place to live in peace. As they sail along unknown shores, they’re attacked by pirates, then rescued by Prince Zarkaj, who takes them to his palace and pampers them – especially Aaricia. But when Jolan and his mother turn out to have caught the terrible Blue Plague, the prince has them thrown into a guarded pit to die – and it’s up to Thorgal to escape in search of a cure.

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