Electronic book Alone - Volume 10 - The Machine for Undying

Alone - Volume 10 - The Machine for Undying — Ebook

Authors : Vehlmann ,
Publication : 2019-09-20
Language : English
Publisher : Cinebook
Collections : Alone
ISBN : 9781849186551
Categories : Comics & graphic novels / Science Fiction, Comics & graphic novels / General
Murdered by the First Families’ war leader, Camille has finally shown her true nature: she is the Midnight-Child, the envoy of Evil! Her friends, however, don’t know it yet, as they’ve all been scattered by accident or treachery. Leila, imprisoned by Neosalem’s authorities. Dodzi, captured by their enemies of the Last Families. Ivan, presumed dead … Only Terry, the brat, has managed to escape along with the Master of Knives. Not the most conventional of teams …

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