Electronic book Kriss of Valnor - Volume 4 - Alliances

Kriss of Valnor - Volume 4 - Alliances — Ebook

Authors : Y.SENTE ,
Publication : 2022-03-17
Language : English
Publisher : Cinebook
Collections : Kriss of Valnor
ISBN : 9781800449206
Categories : Comics & graphic novels / Fantasy, Comics & graphic novels / General
Kriss has become Queen of the Vikings of the North-East! The brand- new monarch must immediately face a serious threat: the troops of Emperor Magnus are heading her way, intent on conquering all the northern kingdoms, while Taljar Sologhonn, the Healer-King, is still trying to unite the Vikings under his own banner to resist the Emperor, and wants Kriss’s allegiance. A deadly game of alliances and treasons begins – but who is really the masked Taljar?

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