Electronic book Bear's Tooth - Volume 6 - Silbervogel

Bear's Tooth - Volume 6 - Silbervogel — Ebook

Authors : Yann ,
Publication : 2023-06-18
Language : English
Publisher : Cinebook
Collections : Bear's Tooth
ISBN : 9781800448230
Categories : Comics & graphic novels / General
Everything is in place. The radio guidance relays are active, the Silbervogel, the intercontinental bomber, is operational, and Anna is ready to fly it to America – a suicide mission. As for Werner, he seems incapable of fulfilling his mission and killing the beautiful test pilot, in whom he still sees his childhood friend. The arrival of Soviet forces, along with the courage of a handful of prisoners and partisans, will give them both one last chance to do the right thing … Can they seize it?

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