Electronic book Gomer Goof - Volume 10 - Gomer's Goons

Gomer Goof - Volume 10 - Gomer's Goons — Ebook

Authors : Franquin ,
Publication : 2023-06-18
Language : English
Publisher : Cinebook
Collections : Gomer Goof
ISBN : 9781800448223
Categories : Comics & graphic novels / General
Gomer is a genius and a walking hazard – it is known. But often overlooked is how he’s far from the only one. In his daily efforts at subverting the professional world, he’s often accompanied by his menagerie – trickster cat, temperamental gull, voracious mouse and even, on occasion, a goldfish – and his brothers in laziness and silly ideas, Jules and Bertie. Not to mention, sometimes, complete strangers instantly won over by his eagerness and imagination. Much to the chagrin of various authority figures!

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