Electronic book Asterios - The Minotaur

Asterios - The Minotaur — Ebook

Authors : Le Serge Tendre ,
Publication : 2023-10-26
Language : English
Publisher : Cinebook
Collections : Asterios
ISBN : 9781800448094
Categories : Comics & graphic novels / General
Theseus, prince of Athens, awakens injured and bound inside an unknown hut. Facing him stands his captor – a mighty, bull-headed man! There, at the centre of the labyrinth built by engineer Dedalus for the king of Crete, Minos, Theseus is astonished to discover that the blood-thirsty monster that the legends describe is in fact a rational being named Asterios, who begins to recount the story of his life. Between the young Athenian sacrifice and the feared creature, grudging respect emerges …

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