Attractive Thinking — Ebook

The 5 questions that drive successful brand strategy and how to answer them

Author : Chris Radford
Publication : 2019-11-01
Language : English
Pages : 176
Publisher : Practical Inspiration Publishing
ISBN : 9781788601016
Categories : Business & economics / Marketing / General
This is a book for CEOs and Managing Directors who have a successful brand and want an evidence-based strategy that will accelerate growth.

If you're focused on selling more of what you've got to your existing customers, you're setting yourself up for a struggle. Research shows the most successful brands focus on attracting more customers, rather than just extracting money from existing customers.

In this transparent digital age, smart businesses leaders know that profitable growth comes from helping customers, not exploiting them. Attractive Thinking explores this principle, revealing the evidence on what works and what does not and setting out a proven method to get profitable growth, together with helpful case studies.

Chris Radford has developed the 'Attractive Thinking' method over 30 years transforming global consumer brands such as Pepsi, Mars, MiracleGro and many high-end service businesses.

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