Electronic book Assessment for Dyslexia and Learning Differences

Assessment for Dyslexia and Learning Differences — Ebook

A Concise Guide for Teachers and Parents

Publication : 2019-06-21
Language : English
Pages : 136
Publisher : Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN : 9781784509118
Categories : Education / Special Education / Learning Disabilities, Family & relationships / Learning Disabilities

Filling a hole in the market for an informative and user-friendly guide to the topic, this is a go-to guide for any parent or teacher.

Positive, empowering and written to suit an international audience, this guide is essential reading for education professionals and parents of children with dyslexia and other learning differences. It includes practical strategies, useful websites and resources, as well as ways of recognising early on that your child or pupil has dyslexia. The authors, experienced dyslexia and learning differences consultants, highlight the importance of effective and positive communication between home and school, as well as with the child.

Assessment for Dyslexia and Learning Differences is the perfect pocket guide for busy professionals and parents, who will be able to read it one sitting or alternatively dip in and out of it as they please.

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