The Private Life of Lord Byron — Ebook

Author : Antony Peattie
Publication : 2019-07-11
Language : English
Pages : 400
Publisher : Unbound
ISBN : 9781783524273
Categories : Literary criticism / Poetry, Biography & autobiography / Literary, Psychology / Psychopathology / Eating Disorders

Lord Byron starved himself compulsively for most of his life. His behaviour mystified his friends and other witnesses, yet he never imagined he was ill. Instead, he rationalised his behaviour as a fight for spiritual freedom and made it the cornerstone of the heroic ideal which was central to his work, his life and his death.

This fresh biography aims to better understand the man; to explore these neglected or misunderstood aspects of his private life in order to illuminate his writing, his idea of heroism, his relationships with women, and with Coleridge and Shelley. This in turn points us towards a new understanding of his masterpiece, Don Juan.

Antony Peattie situates these patterns of behaviour in a vividly rendered contemporary world, culminating in Byron’s last days in Greece, where he tried to starve himself into heroic leadership but fatally damaged his constitution, resulting in his tragic death at the age of just thirty-six.

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